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  • V28

    GPS Personal use pendant, mini size, support fall alarm, WIFI+GPS+LBS positioning technology, two way communication, support vibration and SOS. Good for elder and kids use.
  • X30

    Support WiFi+GPS+LBS+AGPS positioning, two way communication, drop-off alarm, kids GPS smart watch, suitable for 3-12 year old children.
  • S61

    GPS+LBS+AGPS positioning watch tracker specialized for kids. Support geofence, realtime tracking, SOS, pedometer, voice monitor, etc, free APP remote control. It is a good product for kids safety.
  • HGT20

    SmartUFO is a personal wearable watch tracking product with WIFI positioning for indoor use, GPS GSM,GPRS positioning, build in pedometer.
  • HGT15

    SmartUFO for personal and pet use, WiFi positioniing support for indoor tracking, mini size, waterproof design, special APP for lifetime free of charge.
  • IDL100

    Plush cartoon bear with special keychain, a decoration of school bag, but also a GPS tracker. It can locate accurately, set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance, emergency SOS and tracking in its entirety.
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