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  • 1000T-070H

    Rugged design with Android OS 7 inch display, build in GPS and 3G module, support double serial port (RS232/TTL)
  • MT2

    Rearview mirror design, LED two sides display, easy install, support sealing system, external printer, roof lamp control.
  • TM2B

    4x LED display to show fhare , distance, waiting, etc. LCD display support. Build in therma printer.
  • TM2A

    3 LED display lines to separately show FARE, DISTANCE and WATING TIME. Programmable firmware.
  • MT

    Rearview mirror design, LED display, easy install, support external printer, roof lamp control.
  • GPTM pro

    All in one GPS GPRS Tracking with taximeter, build in GPS and GPRS module, build in printer.
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